Monday, January 26, 2009

Meet Miranda

Family: I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and moved to Nashville, Tennessee a year and a half ago to live closer to my family. I have one older sister who has lived in Nashville for over 10 years. She and her husband have twin daughters who are three years old. I came to Nashville to be near my sister and nieces and a few months later my parents decided to join the rest of us. I live in a house (with two other girls) close to downtown Nashville and my sister and parents live about 25 minutes away. This is the first time since I graduated from high school that I’ve lived near my family. I love it!

Education: When I graduated from high school I decided to travel for a year before going to a university. I went to Switzerland and lived and studied at an independent study center called L’Abri. At L’Abri I studied Christian theology and philosophy. After one year out of the U.S., I returned to Missouri and enrolled at Truman State University. I received a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Spanish. During my third year at Truman I studied for one semester at the International Institute of Seville in Seville, Spain. Most recently, I received my Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) certification through the TN Foreign Language Institute in Nashville. In the not too distant future, I hope to return to a university to receive a Masters degree. I’m still undecided on exactly what I want to study (languages or writing perhaps), but ultimately I hope to teach at the University level.

Professional History: After I graduated from college, I spent a year in Ecuador teaching English (to adults and children). When I returned to the United States, I moved to Nashville, TN and began working at the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute (TFLI) where I am currently employed as the Assistant Director of the Foreign Languages Department. My main duties include arranging private and group foreign language classes, administer language proficiency exams, observe and evaluate our foreign language instructors and order foreign language textbooks and materials.

My Passions: I love being involved in my church which is located in an area of Nashville that has a lot low income families and a reputation for crime. The main mission of the church is to work towards unification of people of all races and economic statuses in East Nashville. My other interests include teaching English to Spanish-speakers, being outside (hiking, biking, swimming, climbing, etc.), traveling, cooking, photography, and writing.

Professional Interests: I would like to visit English or Spanish language schools such as the Leaders English Language Centre (in Corrientes). I am also interested in finding out more about the Education or Humanities departments at the Universidad Nacional del Nordeste (Corrientes and Resistencia). Although it does not pertain to my current vocation, I would be interested in finding out more about the National Park system in Argentina and what other steps are being taken to preserve the natural environment of the country. I’m interested in organizations that serve the poor in the area. Also, if there are any professional photographers or writers available to meet, I would like that as well.

Nació el 7 de octubre del año 1982 en Jonesboro, Arkansas y creció en St. Louis, Missouri. Cursó estudios de Teología Cristiana y Filosofía en la famosa escuela L’Abri del pueblito Huémoz en el Cantón de Vaud, Suiza, y luego de completar un semestre en el Instituto Internacional de Sevilla, España, se graduó de la universidad estadounidense Truman State University de Kirksville, Missouri con su Licenciatura en Inglés y Castellano. Posteriormente, enseño inglés por un año en Quito Ecuador. Toda su preparación anterior culminó en la obtención del puesto de Subdirectora de Idiomas en el Instituto Estatal de Idiomas de Tennessee, y hace poco, logró su licenciatura en la Enseñanza del Inglés como Segunda Lengua. A largo plazo, Miranda desea cursar el magíster en alguna materia relacionada con los idiomas o la redacción para llegar a ejercer una cátedra universitaria.

Hace más de un año que Miranda se mudó a Nashville, Tennessee para estar cerca de su hermana y sobrinas gemelas, quienes ya tienen más de 10 años de vivir en esta ciudad. Así también, sus padres se trasladaron al mismo lugar. A ella le gusta mucho dedicarse a su iglesia, la cual tiene el noble propósito de integrar a personas de diferentes etnías y niveles socioeconómicos en la comunidad. De primordial interés para ella es visitar algunas escuelas de idiomas y humanidades como, por ejemplo, Leaders English Language Centre y la Universidad Nacional del Nordeste de Corrientes. Además de esto, le gustaría visitar los parques nacionales y enterarse de los programas en curso vinculados a la conservación del medio ambiente.

A Miranda, le gusta estar al aire libre, excursionismo, montar a bicicleta, nadar, escalar a las rocas, viajar, cocinar, fotografía, y escritura.

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