Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vice Intendente y la radio

While we were in Corrientes, we had the pleasure of meeting the vice mayor. Surprisingly, he is only 29, a young age for someone to be elected into such an important position so we had many questions for him. He has high hopes for Corrientes and also for his own political career. Below is a picture of Tonya and Miranda showing their support for the upcoming mayoral election.
At the vice mayor's office we met Alexei, a rotary member who works closely with the vice mayor. He has a radio show and invited our group to be guests. When we were on the air we were able to explain about our trip and also give a proper thanks to the families and clubs that were hosting us. Thanks again Corrientes!

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  1. Thanks for sharing--you look like you're having such a great time and having lots of fun. I think it's a blessing (for you and Argentina!) :)