Monday, May 18, 2009

General San Martin

Thank you Rotary Club San Martin for a wonderful visit! We had a great time dancing and visiting with the club that's proud to be the youngest in the district.
Our visit with some city officials.
There is a big Carnaval celebration in San Martin and we got to try on the costumes.

Melia and I stayed in a house by ourselves in San Martin. The owner was a single guy and he let us have full reign for the two days that we were there. When we first arrived we noticed that he had stocked the kitchen and refrigerator with bread, cheese, soda, crackers, meat, dulce de leche, etc. I was feeling hopeful that there might be more goodies (ice cream!) in the freezer so I flung open the door...
Welcome to Argentina! :)

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  1. Incredible, edible, ribs????!!! Can't wait to have you home sweet Miranda! We'll have ice cream in the freezer for you!!! momsxxxooo