Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Las Lomitas

The Formosa Rotary Club os 9 de Julio accompanied our team on a trip to the rarely visited town of Las Lomitas. On our way, we were stopped on the road by a protest. We had to wait for almost an hour for the road to open up again (the protesters took a 30 minute lunch break).
We visited a school that the local Rotary Club is helping support. The children performed a local dance for us.Next we drove to the stunning Bañados de los Estrellas. It was one of the most unique places we've ever been. It was a surreal landscape, like a mix between Middle Earth and Dr. Seuss.Finally, we ended the evening with dinner and dancing until 4 am with the Rotary Club of Las Lomitas. The woman with the microphone is the founder and director of the school that we visited and the following photo is the president of the Las Lomitas club..

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