Monday, May 11, 2009

Melia`s Birthday!!

While in Resistencia we had the great pleasure of celebrating Melia`s birthday with her! We started celebrating with cake and ice cream at the Resistencia presentation and dinner, when the clock reached midnight. Here she is with one of the Resistencia club presidents, Hector (better known by his friends as Flaco).

Then she went to bed, woke up and it was still her birthday! We celebrated again at lunch that day, with the owner of the restaurant we went to, Don Abel.

Then she woke up from siesta and it was STILL her birthday!! We walked around downtown, had some more ice cream, and then Sara, Miranda`s host mom bought Melia a beautiful purple scarf as a present.

We had dinner that night at a great little restaurant that was filled with all sort of art, yet another birthday cake (you can see the new scarf)...

and we even got to see Tonya`s impressive Tango skills!

Hope it was a good one, Melia, we sure loved celebrating with you!!

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