Sunday, May 10, 2009

Más de Resistencia

We've seen and done so many amazing things on this trip. Here's a glimpse of a few highlights from Resistencia.

It's fun having a team of four girls (well, at least WE think it's fun, Tom might have a different word to describe it). One of the Rotarians owns a beauty salon and she offered to give us all manicures, pedicures and have our hair done for FREE! What a wonderful and relaxing gift it was after a lot of traveling and living out of a suitcase.

Another Rotarian is the Director of a Forensics lab. They are in a brand new building, and we were able to take a tour to learn about everything from DNA testing to identifying fake license plates. We were accompanied by other Rotarians on the tour.

Another local Rotarian is the owner of a bio diesel plant. He is an innovative business man who used to be a high school teacher. Now he runs a successful business designing and manufacturing machines that convert all different kinds of oils into fuel. He has a truck that runs on bio diesel that is over 10 years old with over 1,000,000 kilometers on it and has never been repaired. Absolutely amazing. Lindsey and Tom were interview on one of the local news shows about our Rotary exchange. It's scary enough being interviewed on TV, but imagine having to do it in Spanish. Then again, Tom's a television pro and Lindsey's Spanish is great. Thanks for representing!
Finally, we visited a couple different technical high schools in Barranqueras. We were very impressed with the student projects we saw, especially taking into account the lack of resources they have.
Below is Melia showing off her mad wood-carving skills. You might not have known, but Melia is a very skilled furniture maker. Ok not really, but she looks like she could be, right?!

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